Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Breakout Trader: Irá a C.G.D. ......

Today's the Blog (Portuguese) The Breakout Trader on an interesting story about the company Inapa Investimentos e Participações SA and the possibility of nationalisation or forced acquisition by the State Bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos following the threshold set by its participation in Inapa rights issue. The Portuguese Markets regulator CMVM is looking at the issue, and in case Caixa Geral de Depósitos is forced into the deal, it would be cumbersome for the Bank and its commitment with the Troika after the Memorandum of Understanding stated that it should be selling everything in its books not related with its core business. Interesting to follow in the coming weeks or so.

The Breakout Trader: Irá a C.G.D. ser obrigada a lançar uma OPA sobre a...: A Inapa é a empresa líder no sector da distribuição de papel em Portugal e também uma das acções em destaque, no dia de hoje, na bolsa naci...

Monday, 19 May 2014

First case and Coppola Comment...

I re-post here today a first, in what I hope will be many more to come,
an entry in the excellent Blog of Frances Coppola named Coppola Comment.

Today's post is about the recent developments with Deutsche Bank, the
giant German financial institution, which is a systemic one, critically
important to the European and Global Financial Markets landscape and
that promises to transform and significantly influence the future of
the Banking sector and the broader Financial Markets.

It is worth to follow Mrs. Coppola advice and read her piece in Forbes
Magazine on-line, that is available in the post by a link.

Coppola Comment: Deutsche Bank's latest capital raising won't end i...: My latest post at Forbes looks at the troubled Deutsche Bank and its latest attempt to improve its capital ratio: Deutsche Bank has final...

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Brighttalk: Multi-factor Investing

Today I've had the luck and privilege to assist to a nice webcast from Brightalk called MSCI Multi-Factor Investing. Brightalk is a very nice web casts platform that I recommend.

This is the link to the site but everyone new to Brightalk will have to register a login and password to get access to the content.


I hope that there will be an interested and gracious audience. Thank you in advance.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Blog Golden Broker: Benchmarks and the Investment Process

The brilliant entry below is from the Portuguese Blog: Golden Broker, from a most honourable connection (...very personally speaking...)  Alexandre Mota. It is an appropriate reminder of the pitfalls for Investors and Asset Managers of relying to much on a Benchmark when making decisions about investment and asset allocation.

Alexandre tells us that Benchmarks may on many occasions blur the reality behind the Investment process, and the tendency of professionals in these sectors to follow the herd, so to speak. Even if there are uses for Benchmarks, certainly there is, specially on informative grounds, in the end it is always the hard work of seeing through the veil that will make the distinction and good performance when investing.

Blog Golden Broker: Qual o objetivo do seu investimento?: A maioria dos investidores responde a esta pergunta referindo que visa o crescimento ou preservação do seu capital, ou assegurar um rend...