Wednesday, 17 July 2013

António Horta-Osório

The recent Euromoney prize 'Best Banker of the Year Award' attributed to my compatriot António Horta-Osório is certainly well deserved. During the years 2005-2011 I was living in the United Kingdom. When I arrived in London, I acknowledge that Mr. Horta-Osório was already responsible for the Santander Business there and its acquisitions of Building Societies like Abbey or Bradford&Bingley at the time. I was looking in the press for some of the developments (I confess with some distance anyway...). Then there was the momentous shift to the Lloyd's Group command, and then I took a closer look. I was (and still am) a Lloyd's Customer!
It is absolutely wonderful, specially when you are an immigrant in a foreign country to pay testimony to the success of someone from your own Country; that feeling is great and something that Mr. Horta-Osório could manage to give for free to every Portuguese living in the UK. Of course he had to Manage much much more serious business than that and he delivered, despite some complicated setback in the fall of 2011 and the very begining of 2012, when he fell out with Psychological Burnout Stress due to excessive workload, that I was able to accompany through the press there and already in Portugal. He was able to get through and to get to this date still as CEO of the Lloyd's Group and receive this prestigious Prize. Congratulations to Mr. António Horta-Osório and to all Portuguese Executives all around the World! The Euromoney receiving speech video can be watched here

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