Friday, 9 August 2013

Securities Lending

In the Investment Management universe of businesses the Securities Lending sector is an important part of whole sector. I present in this post a video from Global Custodian Magazine, which is a publication dealing with the Custodian, Private Banking and Investment Management sectors generally. It features an interview with Simon Lee senior vice president for Business Development EMEA eSecLending in which is discussed recent trends in securities lending industry. I would highlight the new regulatory framework for the industry, that may bring greater clarity and transparancy; hard issues like indemnification, that is an increasing cost to these industries but with room for innovation and development, and other issues.

This industry plays an increasingly important role in the Financial Services industry, and was one of the protagonists of the Financial Crisis. The major changes going on on the whole Investment Management industry is in some part a proper response to the events of the Crisis, like the issues related to Clearing, Repurchase Agreements, Central Counterparties, Risk Management and so on. These changes hopefully will restore the good reputation of the industry, the competiteveness and quality of the services delivered and of course being a healthy source of business opportunities.

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