Tuesday, 25 June 2013

...So Investing isn't so simple....these days!

Despite the Crisis recent data appears to reveal that net wealth in USA's households is rather a lot volatile, and it didn't quite follow the deep dips experience of other major crashes. And that is what  Larry Kantor, head of research at Barclays presents in the video below to FT's John Authers. We can also check that the job of investing these days is a choppy and difficult business, specially if we account for the uncertainties of today's markets and economies. What is interesting in this and contradicting a bit the former video of Authers and Gavyn Davies about the timing of FED tapering, is the idea that we maybe are in for a sooner tapering of Quantitative Easing from the FED and on the other hand we are maybe about to see a breaking point in the correlation verified for the past couple of years between the Bond Markets and the Global Equities Markets in the months ahead....! Quite something!

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